Process Automation through Intelligent Location Data

Nothing is static - in production, logistics, healthcare, retail and many other industries. Location data is an essential driver to:

Automate business processes
Use mobile assets more efficiently
Enable streamlined material flow
Reduce transportation costs
Ensure safe operations

With the ultimate goal to run businesses efficiently and sustainably.

superman DeepHub® 定位中继软件

DeepHub® Locating Middleware

DeepHub® 定位中继软件

Powered by omlox - the world's first open locating standard ,
DeepHub enables:

Seamless locating of assets - indoors and outdoors
Flexible integration of any location technology
Full vendor and hardware interoperability
Dynamic operation setups - Edge - Cloud - Hybrid

product Features


for seamless tracking of assets


for easy integration

Blazing Fast

to support real-time scenarios

Spatial Events

for advanced process automation

Containerized Setup

for lightweight operation

End Point Authentication

for a secure operation

Bring your solutions to the next level with the DeepHub®

Empower your applications and solutions for process automation by utilizing location data in a standardized and seamless manner.

Benefits — For Your Customers

•Increase process transparency
•Reduce manual work
•Speed up process cycles
•Higher asset utilization rates
•Higher process quality and safety

Benefits — For You

•Increase value for your customers to increase your own revenue
•Differentiate and stay ahead of the pack
•Broaden your customer-base within different verticals
•Use location-data know-how of experts while concentrating on your core business

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